Results of 2020

Friends, Colleagues, our Dear Customers! Please accept our sincere congratulations on the upcoming New Year! We wish your health, happiness, well-being, success and prosperity in business in 2021!

The outgoing 2020 year was full of important events, bold projects and the successful work of all divisions of the R&D Center “AhmadullinS – Science and Technologies”:

  1. Commissioned:
  • Amine treatment and mercaptan removal Unit of propane-butane fraction using the DEMERUS LPG technology in LUKOIL-Ukhtaneftepererabotka LLC. Productivity is 6.0 t/h. 2020
  • DEMERUS LPG process for mercaptan removal (desulfurization) of propane-butane fraction of Gazpromneft-MNPZ JSC. Productivity is 18.0 t/h. 2020.
  1. Issued 2 Basic Designs:
  • “PERVIY ZAVOD” In May 2020, Basic Design was issued for kerosene fraction sweetening Unit (50 m3/day) using the Demerus technology with a heterogeneous KSM-X catalyst. Requirements for the residual content of mercaptan sulfur – no more than 30 ppm.
  • “Orsknefteorgsintez” PJSC. In February 2020, Basic Design was issued for treatment of LPG from a coking unit (10.2 m3/h) and a flow of saturated LPG from GFU (34.2 m3/h) using the Demerus technology with a heterogeneous KSM-X catalyst.
  1. Registered 2 License Agreements:
  • “PERVIY ZAVOD” Registered in FIPS, registration number RD0336461 dated 15.07.2020.
  • “Orsknefteorgsintez” PJSC. Registered in FIPS, registration number RD 0334900 dated 23.06.2020.
  1. Manufactured and delivered 2 batches of KSM-X catalyst for the following Companies::
  • CNPC-AktobeMunaiGas LLC;
  1. Together with “ITC” INZHEKHIM” LLC and Kazan State Federal University are working on a government contract in the development of composite polymeric materials.
  2. Scientific and technical center under the state program is additionally equipped with the following instruments and equipment:
  • Granulator;
  • Differential scanning calorimetry;
  1. Published 8 scientific articles.                                                                              
  2. Postgraduate student Khabibullin Rustem defended his dissertation in the field of agriculture for a Ph.D. degree on the topic: “THE INFLUENCE OF DIFFERENT DOSES OF ANTIOXIDANT “BISPHENOL-5″ ON GROWTH INTENSITY, MORPHOFUNCTIONAL STATE AND EFFICIENCY OF REARING CALFS IN THE DAIRY PERIOD”