News for october 2016

In October 2016 R&D Center «AhmadullinS – Science and Technology» has finished development of Basic design for the Block of chemically polluted wastewater treatment from sulfide sulfur at LLC «Tomskneftekhim», daughter company of SIBUR group.

Technology of sulfide sulfur oxidation (LOCOS process) using heterogeneous phthalocyanine KSM-X catalyst was applied for this Block.

Treated feed is chemically polluted wastewater in amount of 75 m3/h containing sulfides (calculated as H2S) 2500 mg/l (0.25 wt.%). Besides sulfides chemically polluted waste waters also contain toluene, methanol, phenol, formaldehyde, suspended solids.

News for september 2016

In September 2016 R&D Center «AhmadullinS – Science and Technology» has produced and supplied KSM-X catalyst for the Block of mercaptans removal from butane-butylene fraction (based on Demerus technology), being a part of catalytic cracking unit G43-107 at JSC «Gazpromneft – Moscow refinery», Moscow.