Oil caustic treatingAlkaline treatment of oil (alkalization) used for hydrogen sulfide, light mercaptans or acidic impurities removal from hydrocarbons. It is applied to associated petroleum gases, liquefied pyrolysis gases, naphtha, kerosene and diesel fractions.

Associated petroleum gas alkalization wastes contain inorganic sulfides, mercaptides and sodium carbonate. Before disposing, they should be neutralized by catalytic oxidative treatment.

Alkaline wastes from LPG treatment (pyrolysis LPG) contain inorganic sulfides and carbonates. They should also be utilized by oxidation. Alkaline treatment of naphtha and diesel fractions usually used if hydrogen sulfide dissolved in hydrocarbon fraction. Produced sulfide-containing wastes should be fed to local catalytic oxidative treatment.
Alkaline treatment of kerosene fractions is used to remove acidic impurities (carboxylic and naphthenic acids), the content is strictly limited in jet fuel.