«DEMERUS JET» process

Application area

DEMERUS JET is used for kerosene treatment from mercaptan sulfur to residual content not more than 0.003 wt%, which corresponds to the requirements of jet fuel TS-1 (Jet A-1). It also may be used for white spirit deodorization and purification of kerosene from acidic impurities.


Treatment of kerosene with high mercaptan sulfur content.

Technology description

Process flow scheme:

Kerosene treatment from mercaptan sulfur

Kerosene fraction heated in E-101 up to 40-60 °C is fed to mixer MX‑101. Estimated amount of air at a pressure of 0.8 MPa is also supplied to MX-101. Kerosene fraction with dissolved air is then fed to the top of reactor R-101. Oxidation promoter is fed from tank D-102 to the top of R-101 through the dispenser. The reaction mixture flows from top to the bottom of R-101 through KSM-X catalyst packing. Along with oxidation of mercaptans in R‑101 proceeds extraction of acidic impurities (aliphatic, aromatic and naphthenic acids, phenols, etc.) from kerosene. Purified from mercaptans and acidic impurities kerosene at the bottom of R-101 is separated from promoter, removed from the side and directed through cooler E-102 to settler D-101.

2RSH + 0.5O2 → RSSR + H2O (1)

Kerosene settled in D-101 from the carried away promoter, is supplied to sand filter F-101 for thin post-treatment from the promoter traces. After that kerosene is ready for shipment to consumers. Settled promoter from the pocket of settler D-101 and filter F-101 is periodically removed to tank D-104.

Promoter settled at the bottom of R-101 is supplied to D-102 – tank for naphthenates separation from the promoter. Naphthenates are separated by phase interface level and supplied to the naphthenates storage tank D-103. Settled from naphthenates promoter from the bottom of D-102 with pump P‑101A/B is supplied to R-101.


Technology «DEMERUS-JET» using heterogeneous KSM-X catalyst allows reducing load on distillate fractions hydrotreating units and has the following essential advantages:

  • Removal of acidic impurities and water along with mercaptans;
  • Exclusion of alkalization, saline drying and post-treatment by clays stages from the scheme;
  • Sharp decline of solid and liquid wastes from kerosene treatment unit;
  • Naphthenates concentrate production;
  • Catalyst lifetime warranty – 8 years.